The future
is now

A World First – we have created the first virtual world to replicate real life experiences and spaces in the metaverse.

About us

Our mission is change the way you explore the metaverse

A World’s First – we have created the first virtual world to replicate real life experiences and spaces. Users globally, will get to experience Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s greatest attractions and city life from the comfort of their own homes with our gateway; merging the physical and digital world.

We are not like other VR Companies who have created small scale digital fantasy worlds; this is the largest real-world recreation project of its kind. The platform is a complete Metaverse that is not just desktop compatible like other Metaverse platforms and we have full VR Compatibility for Oculus, HTC Vive as well as various other VR Headsets and mobile devices.

We are reconstructing cities with actual landmarks, attractions, companies, universities and more categories of valuable real estate.

Users can find synergy between their needs and our platform that encompasses NFT’s block chain trading, functionality to shop and view products in your biggest retail stores, buy advertising space in the virtual city, attend simulated lectures, register for licenses and government issued documentation and more.

Our Metaverse

Our utility enabled metaverse will offer an array of magic and wonder. Powered by UNITY and PIQSOL, the future begins now.

Virtual Coffee Dates
Local Avatars
Meta Humans
Dubai Downtown
Hyper Realistic Enviroments
Burj Al Arab Hotel
Jumeirah Beach Adventures
Dubai Marina
Building Layout
Shop Socialize Discover
Virtual Airports

How Does It Work?

Users can purchase, sell and own NFT’s/Digital tokens of property and land and transact within the metaverse for various products and services, using Piqsol Tokens.

Users are completely immersed into virtual Mega Cities based on real world mapping. We have a fully integrated virtual reality (VR) metaverse. Users can view, browse, learn and transact in our metaverse.

We focus on creating spaces that are visually, topographically and geometrically scaled to recreate the most realistic feeling in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi metaverse, as Phase 1.

The metaverse provides a space for endless, interconnected virtual communities using virtual reality (VR) headsets, augmented reality (AR) glasses, smartphones, and other hardware devices.

Our Key Features

  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Retail
  • Government Services
  • Virtual Consults - Healthcare and Professional Services (Lawyers, Accountants etc)

Why Now

There has been a swift shift towards digital assets and hence the incredible interest in our project. The metaverse offers a new level of creativity. For businesses, it provides opportunities to interact with customers in new and innovative ways. We know our ground-breaking and digitally innovative ideas will continue to attract more interest as web 3 rapidly grows.

International Companies and Brands

Various popular brands, listed companies and private companies have all invested into onboarding themselves into the metaverse.

As the technology industry grows, people will come together in a digital form to work, play, shop and socialize in immersive virtual worlds where they see each other as characters called avatars.

We are building a utility
based metaverse

1000's of hours invested

Our developers are building UAE's Layer 2 on Web 3

Zahira Al Khadi

“This feels so real its truly unbelievable.”

Peter Thomas

“roll out next as this Beta Version is truly amazing.”

Taif Ali

“I really enjoyed the fact that I could visit a city in a true VR environment from the comfort of my home”


We have recieved amazing reviews from our focus groups with a 99% approval rating.


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